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MoloBot - A PHP IRC Bot


MoloBot is an IRC bot written in PHP that is capable of connecting to IRC channels and responding to user commands. Its features can be divided into three groups:
- User invoked commands over IRC
- Admin invoked commands over IRC (after login)
- Hard-coded (i.e. logging)

MoloBot is a rewrite of the bot in a tutorial I wrote for CodeDemons.net and employs many of the same techniques. If you are wondering about how to write such a bot from scratch, or have trouble with the concept, please read that tutorial


MoloBot has many commands. Admins can administer the bot via IRC, without restarting it. Admins can login, make the bot an op, and say anything to anyone from the bot. MoloBot uses the Google API to search Google for websites. It's hard to describe everything that it can do, but its real strength lies in its abilities to expand easily.

Even someone with basic PHP knowledge can write new commands, because it only takes a change in one part of the code. Make a function prefixed by u_ in the MoloBot class and it will be called when the user types .functionname.

For a complete list of functions please see the readme.txt that is included in the download.